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Legislator Convening at TomKat Ranch Centers Climate Smart Ag

In an energizing November weekend, SiX hosted a delegation of forty CROP members at TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, California, for a dynamic, hands-on workshop on the principles and policies of regenerative agriculture, co-organized with the Office of Kat Taylor and TomKat Ranch. 


Partners and funders joined CROP members for an immersive experience, blending learning, action and exploration of policies and principles that empower farmers and ranchers to adopt practices that can mitigate the impacts of extreme weather and reintegrate carbon into our soils. 


This workshop equipped state legislators with essential knowledge and policy tools to bolster farmers, state programs, and local markets in their quest for climate-resilient agriculture while providing space for CROP members to connect with one another, as well as movement partners, and funders. This workshop was a first step toward building issue alignment among CROP members while creating  momentum to advance, critical and timely transformation policies. 


Legislators participated in a variety of activities including:

  • Field walks that discussed TomKat’s research on ranching with the ecosystem, composting, farm to school, and species diversity. 
  • Lightning talks where all participants had a five minute opportunity to present on a topic that they are passionate about and are working on in their state. 
  • Conversations around race and equity in the regenerative agriculture movement and how Indigenous communities have been practicing principles of regenerative agriculture for millenia. 
  • Myth-busting discussions around the false promises of agribusiness and methane digesters in combating climate change. 


CROP members shared that connecting with colleagues across state lines with similar values allowed them to reground and be re-inspired to continue engaging in this important work. 



At the end of the weekend, Legislators came away with deeper insights into supporting regenerative practices and what roles they can play in combating climate change through agriculture policies. The relationship focused aspect of the programming also seeded the beginnings of a robust community of peers ready to help each other meet the challenges of their state houses. This gathering wasn’t just a meeting; it was a catalyst for transformation in agricultural policy and practice.

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