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Our Vision

Democracy, transparency, restorative justice, and equity are principles integral to making food systems fair and accessible to all.

We cannot forget that our nation was built on stolen land with stolen labor. Many of our agricultural institutions evolved from systems of exploitation and continue to be fraught with injustice.

We believe that we can address the injustices of the past, and that the production of healthy local food doesn’t have to come at the expense of our water and air, climate, healthy conditions for workers and neighbors, or the welfare of animals.

We believe that investing in healthy soils and a clean environment can lead to equitable, resilient communities and prosperous local economies.

We believe that regardless of where they live—rural or urban—everyone has the right to grow and consume their own food, and consumers have the right to know how the food that they purchase was produced. We believe that local governments know how to best keep their citizens healthy and safe and should be able to promote and regulate agriculture with the consent of local communities.

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