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      The tree that yields mace spice is also the source of the more popular spice, nutmeg. The second spice found on this tree is mace, which is the thin, lacy aril that covers the nutmeg fruit or seed. Native to the Spice Islands, namely the Banda Islands, the nutmeg tree is a massive evergreen that may reach a height of 60 feet. Beginning in its seventh year, the tree may provide “fruit” until it reaches its ninetieth year. Using long poles with nets attached to the end, the “fruits” are picked, and the Mace is then removed from the inner nutmeg seed.
      Mace has a warm, fragrant taste with traces of lemony sweetness and a somewhat nutty, pleasant perfume that is reminiscent of nutmeg but more subtle. Although nutmeg and mace are sometimes used interchangeably, we recommend mace for dishes that call for a milder taste and to maintain their exquisite color.

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