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Emboldening state legislators and partners to cultivate healthy rural communities and a more equitable, accessible, ecologically responsible food and farm system.

About the Cohort for Rural Opportunity and Prosperity (CROP)

SiX is proud to announce the launch of the Cohort for Rural Opportunity and Prosperity (CROP) that focuses on supporting legislators who are working on policies that promote healthy and thriving rural communities through ecologically and socially-responsible agriculture and local, direct-market food systems.

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Showing up for Rural Americans

For decades, federal policymakers have made decisions to disinvest in rural communities, but many of the decisions that most directly impact the lives of rural people are made at the state level. Learn how state legislators can use the Blueprint for Rural Policy Action in the States to create the thriving America of tomorrow.

How States Can Support Rural People

SiX legislators working for just food systems.

Progressive Legislators Outstanding in their Field

Food, health care, jobs, transportation, economic security and making corporations play by fair rules are important progressive policies in our rural communities just as much as in our urban areas.

SiX legislators working for just food systems.

Latest News/Resources

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