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Earth Week 2021 Recap: Every Week is Earth Week

Earth Week 2021 Recap: Every Week is Earth Week

While Earth Day, April 22nd, has come and gone, we know that it’s important to celebrate our Earth and those who are working to protect it every day. 

Here’s a recap of some of the ways agriculture policy is climate policy.


Good Agriculture Policy is Good Climate Policy


Climate-Friendly Agriculture Practices have been Employed by Communities of Color for Generations

In Colorado’s HB 21-1181, Agriculture Policy is Climate Policy 

In New York’s A 5386, Healthy Soil creates Climate Resiliency 

In Minnesota’s HF 701, Agriculture Policy is Environmental Policy 




The SiX Ag Team talks about how agriculture practices & food choices can be wins for the environment


Urban Green Space: A Win for the Climate


One Solution to Climate Change is Right Under our Feet


Managed Grazing: A Win for the Climate


Organic Food: A Win for the Climate


Cows Fighting Climate Change


Reducing Food Waste: A Win for the Climate

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