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2021 Legislative Wins for Healthy Soil

In states across the country, the 2021 legislative sessions proved to be a win for healthy soil champions. 

Legislatures in Nebraska, Colorado, Maine, Texas, and New York passed healthy soil legislation with bills on their way to the Governors’ desks. These policies will provide climate, environmental and farmer benefits to these states for years to come. 

For a roundup of healthy soil legislation and policy across the country check out the State Healthy Soil Policy Map.

Nebraska: Passed resolution LR 5 that accepted the recommendations from the Healthy Soil Policy taskforce and encouraged the creation of a healthy soil incentive program. 

Colorado: Has three soil health bills on the way to the Governor. HB21-1180 would study biomass in the state and provide recommendations for improving soil health.  SB21-235 provides stimulus funding for Colorado’s soil health program and HB21-1181 would create a voluntary soil health program. Read more about the creation of HB21-1181’s voluntary soil health program legislation here

Texas: Signed SB 1118 into law establishing a the On-The-Ground Conservation Program to protect soils and water.

Maine: Signed SP179 into law establishing the Maine Healthy Soils Program. 

New York: A05386, the Soil Health and Climate Resiliency Act  is on its way to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.  


SiX profiled some of these bills for Earth Week 2021. Check out the blog posts below! 

Legislators sponsoring New York’s Soil Health and Climate Resiliency Act saw soil health policy as a “low hanging fruit” to combat climate change. 

For legislators in Colorado, the voluntary soil health program would help provide the resources for farmers looking to increase their good soil healthy practices which would be a win-win for their production and the environment.  

There are several more soil health bills currently pending in states, including Minnesota.

If you are a state legislator looking to work on soil health and regenerative agriculture, contact us for more resources at [email protected] 


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