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Coffee Pro Direct offers a range of coffee sample trays to help you display your coffee beans or blends in the best way. Here’s a simple guide to selecting the right one for your needs:
Size Matters: Consider how many cups or samples you want to display. Coffee Pro Direct offers various tray sizes to accommodate your needs. Ensure it can comfortably hold your coffee cups without feeling overcrowded.
Material Choices: These trays come in different materials, such as durable plastic, bamboo, or wood. Choose the material that suits your preferences and fits your coffee presentation style.
Easy Maintenance: Check if the tray is easy to clean. Many of Coffee Pro Direct’s trays are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleanup a breeze.
Color Options: Coffee Pro Direct offers trays in different colors, so pick one that matches your cafe’s decor or your personal taste.
Customization: Explore options for adding your logo or text to personalize the tray and reinforce your brand.