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CROP Working Groups

Welcome to the CROP! The SiX Agriculture program hosts several working groups for CROP members.

Working groups are private and informal spaces for legislators that are working on similar bills across states and regions to come together and troubleshoot, share wins, collaborate, commiserate, and democratize knowledge and experience.

Working groups have their own private listserv to communicate among members. SiX also often brings in outside experts to present on specific issue areas at working group meetings. Working groups meet several times a year and are completely voluntary. Click the links below to register for one or more working groups.

Register here for the Farmer Equity Working Group 

Coming soon! Register here for the Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health Working Group

Coming soon! Register here for the Corporate Agribusiness Accountability Working Group

To register for the Building Power Through Rural Organizing Working Group please send an email to Siena Chrisman at [email protected]